How to choose the right carrier for your business

It is often considered a secondary aspect of work but some companies have built an online empire by making it a strength, see the Amazon case.

Let’s talk about the choice of couriers and shipments.

Good logistics and a transport organization that meets the needs of buyers must be the basis of online commerce, especially when shipping your products to other countries.

Relying on the quality of the product is useless if the waiting times to receive the goods are long.

So let’s try to understand what are the characteristics to look for in a courier that deals with transporting goods abroad, to determine the right one for us.

Couriers to export food products

In reality, the characteristics that a food product courier must have belong to those that each courier must-have regardless of the type of goods transported. There are also specific characteristics for each type of business, but when the former is fully satisfied, these become a secondary detail, relevant only when we have the possibility to choose between multiple couriers available.

First of all, a transporter must have a fair amount of experience driving the vehicle that he will have to use because it will be important not only to demonstrate that he is a skilled driver but also to be able to deal with at least the unforeseen events that may occur. It is also essential that he is aware of the road codes in force in the countries within which he will move and that he is practical in the use of GPS devices that keep tracking active throughout the shipment. 

It goes without saying that he must have a minimum of knowledge of English and that he can somehow communicate with the people he meets along his journey, in particular the authorities who may stop him to subject him to checks and with the recipients of deliveries.

In the specific case of transporters in the food sector, if they also dealt with the packaging it is appropriate to contact an employee who can advise us on the types of packaging that, based on the materials, can provide adequate protection for food, avoiding breakage of the containers that could lead to contamination or liquid spills. If he specializes in the food sector, he can always have large stocks of various cutting-edge packaging available for the sector as well.

Obviously, in the light of all these characteristics, we will select who can offer an adequate service at an affordable price, falling within the budget that we decide to set.

Finally, if we establish a stable and lasting relationship with a transporter, we can evaluate those who have a fair knowledge of the products, or who are willing to train on the subject, to perform some ancillary function at the marketing level with the recipients of the deliveries they meet.

Obviously, this is an aspect that goes beyond his specific activity, but if he is willing to satisfy this need as well, he could be the perfect transporter for us.

The Exporium team

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