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Ep.1: Policy Interventions: Promoting Quality Standards and Sustainable Food Practices

Season 2: Sustainable Food Practices: Prioritizing Quality over Quantity for Health and Environmental Impacts Introduction In recent Austrian news, there has been a growing concern about the quality of food products available in supermarkets and the need for sustainable practices in the food industry. The government has recognized these issues and has taken significant steps […]


Certifications for Food Export

Quando si parla di export alimentare la necessità primaria da soddisfare è quella legata all’igiene e alla conservazione dei cibi e delle bevande e quindi in generale alla sicurezza dei prodotti nei confronti dei consumatori. È indispensabile garantire una certa trasparenza e per questo sono richiesti alcuni documenti che attestino l’integrità delle varie fasi di commercializzazione.

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When it comes to exports of food products, the main need to be met is that of hygiene and the preservation of food and drinks and therefore in general of product safety towards consumers.
It is essential to ensure a certain transparency and for this some documents are required which attest to the integrity of the various marketing phases.

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The Incoterms

What they are and what role they play in international trade in 2020 Incoterms is the contraction of International Commercial Terms: the set of transport law regulations which govern the obligations of the parties involved. They are reviewed every 10 years by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) with the aim of keeping them constantly […]


Benefits and risks in the world of Food Export

Is it worth taking the Made in Italy across the border? Italy is a country that boasts international fame, excelling or otherwise distinguishing itself in various sectors such as fashion, the luxury car industry or tourism. Moreover, its popularity also owes a lot to the fact that it is well known for its varied healthy […]

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